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Match the size of the King to the board square

The brass and metal of chess pieces match very well with the brass pressed Galvanized metal connector boards, both traditional brass as well as colored variant; such as blue and red. The King is the largest chess pieces and will therefore have the largest base diameter. Of course you can select 1. The obvious goal is to make sure that the square of the chess board is larger than the base diameter of the Chess Pieces. So, if your King has a diameter of 1.75 inches and it will look great, but you probably don't want to go too much larger.One of the nicest things about putting your own chess set together is that there are no rules. Metal chess pieces match best with three different chess boards. Rosewood chess pieces work best with the rosewood and dark rosewood chess boards. After all, this is one of points in matching a set of chess pieces to the chess board by yourself, instead of looking for a chess set that has already been put together for yourself. Still, there is a set of guidelines that can be followed to make this process fast and easy for you. Matching the colors of the pieces to the board: The second thing that you want to be aware of is what material makes the chess pieces. Match the size of the King to the board square: The first thing that must be considered is the size of the base of the King. For those who want better refinement, the rule of thumb is to have a chess board square be 33% larger than the base diameter of the King.5 inches, then you should aim for a chess board with 2.0 inch squares (1. While there are no definite rules that apply to a personal chess set, there are the guidelines for those who need the help to match a chess board the chess pieces that you have already selected for your life. Black and ebony chess pieces match best with the like colored chess boards. Sheesham (a light brown wood) is best with boards that are made from walnut, hazelnut and sheesham woods. It is fine to leave it at that. Wood pieces match best with boards that have a matte or satin-matte finish to them, but will also look pleasant with glossy boards.0). Finally, metal chess pieces are nicely complimented by chess boards that are made from pressed leather. Also, these pieces will match well with wood boards that have a glossy finish added to them, especially board made from grey briarwood. Wood chess pieces provide the easiest rules with them.5 inches x 1. Special attention should be taken for wooded versus metal chess pieces.33 = 2.

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